Friends of the Nothin', finally taking some time to update y'all on the doings of the band that has been heralded as "the shit" by this one drunk guy and "pretty good" by some random dude lookin' in our old rehearsal space. The online press has been electric about the music of bands other than About Nothin' and social media has been lighting up about other random stuff too! Keep your eyes open for the About Nothin' on their world tour.

After integrating new drummer Thor to the musical styling's of About Nothin', Jay, Thor and Nick E. T. hashed out a few new tunes, recorded 'em and posted 'em on our out-of-site(!) website. Download 'em for the low, low price of a left click on your mouse and the grandeur is yours for eternity.

The three new decibel shredding, awe-shit inspiring songs are Elixir of Eternal Youth, Hell to Pay and Help a Brother Out ...

The prog anthem, Elixir of Eternal Youth is the motivation for the website art, cleverly concepted by friend of the band Mathew Ryan Sharp.. Harkening back to turn of the century traveling snake oil salesman, the lyrics conjure images of less than sincere shysters lookin' for an easy mark. New merch based on Mathew's art is available on our website.

The loving-thy-neighbors-as-yourself hymn Help a Brother Out is the credo to the testament of brotherly love. A helping hand to the handless, encouragement to the incorrigible and pick yourself up by the bootstraps.

Lastly, the lack of self-control tribute to hangovers and bad judgment. Hell to Pay pounds out a groove on an anvil that's unmovealbe and just keeps comin'.

If you made it this far thanks for checkin' in.. Now click on over to the music page and download those tunes. See you at our next show, THE ROCK LIVES!